O.J. Noer Turfgrass
Research Foundation

Dedicated to Supporting Research in Turf Since 1958
Over $1 million in grants to Turfgrass Research
The O. J. Noer Research Foundation is a not - for - profit, tax deductible foundation established in 1958 by O. J. Noer's colleagues and friends and dedicated to financial support of scientific research in turfgrass.
Foundation Objectives
  • To promote scientific research in turfgrasses and related fields
  • To train graduate students for conducting said research by offering financial assistance
  • To disseminate results of said investigations
  • To receive donations and endowments to achieve aforesaid purposes in perpetuity
  • To, by so doing, honor this continent's most widely known and respected turfgrass agronomist- the late and beloved O. J. Noer
Some Noer Foundation Firsts
  • 1st to establish a Memorial Turfgrass Library
  • 1st to gain industry support for turfgrass research on a continuing basis
  • 1st to establish an investment fund from donations so research could be supported on a continuing basis
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