Research Grant Application
  • The Noer Foundation requires an annual progress report of research activities by December 31 of each year of funded investigation, and a terminal report when the project is completed. If, for some reason, no research has been conducted in the final year or a project has deviated from the original proposal, the Noer Foundation has the option of terminating funding. The decision will be based on subsequent correspondence with the investigator.

  • Grants are given on an annual basis. When multiple years are involved, funding of successive years is dependent on the previous year's progress.

  • The investigating department(s) and their personnel agree to credit the Noer Foundation as the, or one of the, funding agencies in all articles and addresses resulting from this project.

  • Grant funds will be earmarked for specific projects rather than the University's General Funds. An estimated breakdown of expenditures is required with the actual expenditures to be included with the final report. Grant Funds are not to be used in capital purchases

  • The Noer Foundation hopes to pay little or no overhead costs. If unavoidable, the Noer Foundation has a policy to pay no more than 15 percent (15%) overhead.

  • It is the policy of the Noer Foundation to equally share royalties on inventions, germplasm, seed releases, licenses, and other commercial developments resulting from projects funded from Noer the Foundation. Royalties will be based on the proportion of funds from the Noer Foundation compared to the total funds for the project.

  • The Noer Foundation does recognize that the university owns all patents and development rights. The Noer Foundation will, however, have preferential right of refusal, based on project funding proportion, to file patents or plant variety application on any invention conceived or reduced to practice in the course of the research project if the university does not file for a patent, copyright, or license.

  • Permission to duplicate or print any thesis resulting from this grant is freely given.

  • A copy of the finished thesis or dissertation must be sent to:

O. J. Noer Memorial Turfgrass Collection
Turfgrass Information Center
Michigan State University Libraries
100 Library
East Lansing, MI 48824-1048

No checks will be issued until this agreement is completed and returned to the Research Director.
Research Grant Stipulations:
(The Board of Directors meets to consider research proposals in November of each year.)

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